Your wings had been clipped
For quite some time, just a few months back,
All you heard were cautionary tales
A dread in your heart you felt, as each night you’d hit the sack!

Now to the regular dance of life
You are back with a bang and a whoop,
Matching steps with one another
You are on a magical-spree, clearly on a loop!

Learning to fly once more, yet again,
You are doing it so beautifully,
You are planning, creating, implementing,
And the cherry on the cake, performing, so spectacularly!

By Team Advocacy

Your name signed at the end of each page
All your stories, now leave the cage
Every forest, hill and mountain
You’ve left your trace
But where you are now is the real enigma
All i have left is your Safarnama!

Your journey is a beautiful picture
Your book holds the frame
But spotting you is a strenuous game
You saw something you couldn’t lose
But oh traveller, it was you that they choose!
You write your last page
Your dreams and hopes for the future
Now in my hands as they gain age
My life is now your Safarnama!

By Ameerah Sandeep Gulati (VIII E)

Dear child,
Having trouble memorizing lines?
Write is all down in me, as you whine!
Well, what’s the wait? Pour your heart out and see…
How creativity reaches you, as it grows out of me!

M.S.F.E is fun, it’s a blast!
So capture these moments while they last,
Relax! Rejoice! And Rewind!
‘Cause these days…Aren’t they just astoundingly fine!

Go ahead! Put pen to paper,
Open your mind, and let the magic unfold…
And naturally you’ll feel an urge to never end
Savour this and never stop because to these moments you’ll want to hold on!

Yours sincerely, writers’ notebook

By Riddhi Tyagi (VII C)

The world is one big family...
Hmm, a little riddle!
Clueless about what it means,
It plays like an enigmatic fiddle!

In my mind I ponder its secret,
While some of them play Uno,
And some others practise tirelessly,
I ponder, ponder and still dunno!

By the end of this grand show,
I'm sure I'll get to know some more,
Till then my dear heart,
In ignorance it will be sore!

By Shloka D. (VI E)

Do you know what heart-strings are called?
They go by a tough-sounding name!
Tendon-like they are, the Science books say,
They are important, but haven’t all that fame!

The shape of my heart I do feel,
Every time the drum fill I hear,
The flute’s mournful tune,
Leaves me just sad, without any fear!

By Team Advocacy

The atmosphere is electric,
Corridors all alive!
Footfalls of excited middle-schoolers,
Wanting to do a little jive!

There is thrill in the air,
Preparing for the show of the year!
In such a creative pursuit,
It’s all wholesome and fair!

By Shiv Lamba (VII A)

Tyre, rim and hub
That's what the big wheel is all about!
The wheel that rolls,
Churns out work, ever firm and stout!

As parts of that
Rolling hulk of a ring!
We do our bits,
While we dance, play and sing!

By The Advocacy Team

Walking down the corridors
I look around to see,
Holding rooms so many,
Not one that pleases me!

Held with hands firm,
Asked to stay in place,
Until rehearsals resume,
Time to show one's face!

Bored at times, excited mostly,
Holding Rooms are places strange, absolutely, truly!

By Riddhi Tyagi (VII C)

Rack our brains,
Yes we do for sure,
To let creativity flow
In some form,
Maybe not always pure!

Our heart and soul,
We put into our tasks,
Rubbing shoulders with our peers is enough,
We need no coffee flasks!

Ideas are like puzzle pieces,
We try to put together,
And when we achieve something,
On our hat,
It’s like another feather!

We march along,
With a zestful urge,
In days to come,
It will swell and surge!

By The Advocacy Team

Oh my love, why don't you look around and see...
The whole world is one big family,
We don't look alike, nor do we the same language speak,
But there is a connection between all which one cannot describe, just feel.

So, what's the wait?
Go on, discover the world, and find a place to which you relate,
Explore, rejoice, and at times even take it all in, quiet!,
But remember, feel welcomed and welcome others because at all times you must remember-
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam!

By Riddhi Tyagi (VII C)